THE BEST OF THE YEAR. Our ten favorite full-length opera recordings of the year were Jason Kao Hwang's startlingly original The Floating Box, its complexities untangled by conductor Juan Carlos Rivas.
- F. Paul Driscoll and Oussama Zahr, Opera News, January, 2006  Read Full Review

Originality spills out of every measure of The Floating Box, and the polycultural combinations of instruments produces a dizzying array of colors - each of which has an acutely provocative impact.  
Joshua Rosenbaum, Opera News,  September, 2005  Read Full Review

If Hwang's name might be unfamiliar to readers of this journal that is largely because he has confined his musical activities to date to World Music and Jazz. And while The Floating Box is not his first foray into the field of formal composition, it is certainly a sufficiently accomplished work to warrant a wider international audience than his music has hitherto enjoyed. 
- Marc Rochester, International Record Review, June 30, 2005  Read Full Review