Indeed, what's striking about Mr. Hwang's music, a stirring blend of Stephane Grappelli's violin improvisations and Morton Feldman's microtonal compositions, is that it makes traditional instruments sound contemporary. 
- Adam Shatz, The New York Times, November 23, 1997  Read Full Review

Chinese-American violinist Jason Hwang is one of New York's unsung new-music heroes. 
- The Boston Phoenix, Ed Hazell - February 24, 1997  Read Full Review

Inspired by the inflection and tones embodied in language, Hwang has developed an incredibly original philosophy and approach to improvisation on violin. 
- Julie Lyons Lieberman, Strings, August 31, 1996  Read Full Review

"Urban Archaeology" is a mind-grabbing set of atmospheres that reflects Hwang's aim of rooting his music in the improvisational personalities of the musicians he works with. It sounds new.  
- WIRE Magazine, May, 1996  Read Full Review

Unorthodox tonalities and a fresh compositional viewpoint to escape the geographical gravitational pull of "conventional" ethnic music and jazz 
- A.L.,  PULSE, Jazz Report '96,  February 29, 1996  Read Full Review

... three masterful improvisers who make music unlike anything else you've heard. 
- College Music Journal, David Newgarden, College Music Journal,  April 10, 1995  Read Full Review

Jason Hwang played a mutated five-string electric violin with virtuosic intensity 
- The Seattle Weekly, Ted Fry, The Seattle Weekly,  July 7, 1993  Read Full Review