…it is with the Burning Bridge octet that Hwang has probably reached the maximum of his aspirations and conceptions: three months ago the second recording of the Burning Bridge was released, entitled Blood, an incredibly compelling summa of instruments that play jazz, classic or traditional Chinese; pipa and erhu (Sun Li and Wang Guowei) are used against tuba, trombone, trumpet (Joseph Daley, Steve Swell, Taylor Ho Bynum) and the usual low-battery rhythmic plant (Filiano-Drury) and the improvisation releases a perfect balanced climate, with so much energy and resourcefulness on the part of all the soloists. - Ettore Garzia,  Percorsi Musicali  (google translation from Italian) Read Full Review

***** Jason Kao Hwang is a unique artist. He is a composer and a conductor and violinist and he is one of the frontrunners in creative jazz...With the talent he holds he could easily branch into the Classical Music field - and actually that is exactly what he has accomplished: he melds the jazz idiom with classical music structure and creates works such as this BLOOD... An uncompromising vision as it is challenging. Fine artistry on every count. Grady Harp, Amazon, Oct. 18, 2018  Read Full Review

...Hwang is one of the interesting voices in the creative spot that, after all, remains the New Yorker's Lower East Side... In "Blood," the originality of the compositions, coupled with the inventiveness of improvised interactions (usually duos or trios of variable constitution) shows that a collective design rises to give coherence to the hybrid sound of formation from which emerge sudden changes of direction, variations in thickness of the arrangements and intricate timbral games. - António Branco.  Read Full Review

The enormity of emotions, the multiplicity of ecstasy and the almost ecstatic parts of individual instruments, make the album "Blood" an exciting and captivating experience of each of the recipients open to new experiences. … "Blood" is not only a fascinating clash of Asian folklore with the free jazz formula, but also a unique show of virtuosity of each musician and an example of an ideal artistic correlation.  Robert Ratajczak, longplayrecenzje.blox  (google translation of Polish) Read Full Review

Nora McCarthy's Top Ten Best of 2018 ,  Nora McCarthy's Cadence Jazz World Show. Read

What’s always most striking about Jason’s work, whether solo or in ensemble, is the originality… he ALWAYS provides a listening experience that’s different – and WONDERFUL... I give Jason and his ensemble a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this diverse and challenging album.   Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews, October 15, 2018  Read Full Review

They’ve found a way to make “East meets West” work. This is a fascinating, rather chilling, but ultimately inspiring set of music, unlike anything most of us have heard. Not only are the compositions challenging and far reaching but the Burning Bridge ensemble consists of a unique set of instruments.  Jim Hynes,, 11/12/18  Read Full Review

By constantly alternating the density of the orchestrations, Hwang suggests different scenarios that correspond to transformative states of mind. The thrills of spontaneity come from individual statements but also from interspersed interlocutions with two or three musicians. After all, this is music of exploration and reflection.  Felipe Freitas,, 11/13/18  Read Full Review

All musicians of this ensemble are original and individual players…Dynamic turns, sudden stylistic changes and simultaneous used expressions, playing techniques, scales, chords and timbres reveal an original point of view of improvisers and helps them to create fabulous and passionate sound… All music of this album is simply beautiful, luminous and passionate – it has driving, crazy, bright and innovative sound.  Avant Scena Contemporary music blog  Read Full Review

Hwang continues to challenge people’s preconceptions of how jazz is supposed to unfold, as he fuses east and west ideas into a fascinating and intense listen, essentially rewriting world fusion sounds in his own light.  Tom Haugen,  Read Full Review