Jason Kao Hwang forms a flexible ensemble with Andrew Drury /dr, Ken Filiano/b, Chris Forbes/p and Steve Swell/tb as the team together with his violin and viola on these four compositions. Each piece has its own mood, and while the music is quite free and spontaneous in its feel and delivery, there are definite moments of unity and forethought. Nevertheless, “No Such Thing” has jabbed themes and strings while Swell’s ‘bone growls and Drury’s sticks flail, “Dream Walk” mixes buzzy brass and plucked strings with drumsticks thrash, “When What Could” has  piano and percussion rustling like leaves while Hwang and Bell do a three legged race, and “Inscribe” includes thunderous Monkish piano poundings and herky jerky drums to underscore Hwang’s elliptical strings. Outside, but also looking in.  - George W. Harris, jazzweekly.com, July 27, 2017   Read Online Review