Local Lingo 
Rotocod Zzaj 
September 24, 2007  

Jason Kao Hwang/Sang Won Park - LOCAL LINGO: It's not necessary to speak Korean to grasp the beauty of this duo's playing (Jason on violin, with Mr. Park on kayagum, ajeng & vocals) - but it might help. Certainly, having lived in Korea for 15 years, I have some understanding of "where this is coming from" - particularly on tracks like "Ari Rang", a traditional tune about a lost lover... these gents breathe new life into a tune that's already stood the test of time. The kayagum meshes perfectly with the violin to make a piece that's filled with (both) sadness and hope for the future. To "grok" track 4, "Third Sight", it would be best to put the 'phones on and make sure you won't be disturbed during the listen.... definitely music from a different perspective than traditional jazz! One recommendation for future projects would be to ensure that the track titles are burned straight on to the CD, so the listener doesn't have to keep glancing back/forth between the liner/jacket to find the titles. I enjoyed this, & hope to hear more in the future - the CD gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us for listeners ready to experience something sonically different! Get more information on Jason's website jasonkaohwang.com. 
- Rotcod Zzaj 
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