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Hwang, Jason Kao: Book of Stories

Published: July 15, 2023 

by Hegedüs Zsuzsanna,

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The alchemist's workshop. 

This is the title that best describes American electric jazz violinist Jason Kao Hwang's latest free jazz album. 

At the same time, the ORDER that is born in the compositions is something quite amazing. 

This is a treat of free jazz at its best! 

With astonishing improvisations, sound effects, rhythmic elements, and all completely free, but preordained musical devices, the Trio leads the audience into a state that is otherwise extremely difficult to convey on a recording medium. 

The electric violin presses into our souls like nothing else, with deep emotions. We can't even take our eyes off this special, impressionistic-sounding instrument. 

The record completely sweeps you off your feet. Moreover, not only from there. 

The alchemist Trio asks for exclusivity, total transubstantiation! 

Through them, a completely different and new dimension opens up for the student. 

In some places, their compositions drag us into the dark depths of our souls, and then easily and playfully lift us high into the Light, only to fall down again from there. 

This is a musical world that is both spontaneous and planned. 

This is the incredible professionalism and attunement of the three musicians! 

And they do this completely impersonally, that's how they achieve the mystical effect of keeping us on our own through their music! 

We are alone, but not lonely! 

Here, the musician becomes one with the music and thus accompanies us - supporting us, not abandoning us, but still entrusting us with the individual experience of each note! 

The album brings the mystery drama of our human existence! 

Let's give in to the call! 

So let's listen, in complete surrender.