Hwang’s large group took the stage and worked their way into an incredibly effective piece titled ‘blood’, which was a meditation on the emotional traumas of war both personal and societal. A heavy piece, no doubt, rendered with emotion and precision by his extended group with Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet), Joe Daley (tuba), Steve Swell (trombone), Ken Filiano (bass), Andrew Drury (drums), Wang Guowei (erhu), and Sun Li (pipa). It was the latter two, playing traditional Chinese string instruments, who, along with Hwang, formed the center of the group’s sound. The contrast between Hwang’s violin and Guowei’s erhu (a two-string fiddle-like instrument) was mesmerizing as were the textures created between Guowei and Li. After a challenging start to the piece, the group picked up the pace as they launched into a lurching rhythm that offered the first of the solos, then into smaller improvising sub-units like Swell, Guowei, and Filiano and Bynum, Drury, and Filiano. The enormity of the piece did not truly settle in until it ended. Suddenly the feeling became overwhelming and the only thing you could do, was what many in the audience did, sigh and say “wow.”  - Paul Acquaro, The Free Jazz Collective  Full article