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"Blood" by Jason Kao Hwang and Burning Bridge is the last album of one of the most original avant-garde musicians: compositions captivate but are also demanding for the listener - the album is a multicultural sound hybrid. He also continues the keynote of the debut Hwanga and Burning Bridge: Innova from 2012, where musicians invite the world of jazz to confront and dialogue with traditional Chinese music.

The improvised parties of perfect soloists build dynamism in Blood, and the arrangements trigger the appearance of Chinese intervals characteristic of Chinese music, which add color to the texture. The story takes place in five files - the first of which begins and ends with the sounds of drums and double bass, reminiscent of the context of the ritual. The remaining parts explore the theme of the ceremony not only through the erhu and percussion instruments, but also by the faultless use of, among others. components of the blues.

Blood was released on October 22 by True Sound Recordings.

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