The enormity of emotions, the multiplicity of ecstasy and the almost ecstatic parts of individual instruments, make the album "Blood" an exciting and captivating experience of each of the recipients open to new experiences. Robert Ratajczak, longplayrecenzje.blox

All musicians of this ensemble are original and individual players… All music of this album is simply beautiful, luminous and passionate – it has driving, crazy, bright and innovative sound.  Avant Scena Contemporary music blog

They’ve found a way to make “East meets West” work. This is a fascinating, rather chilling, but ultimately inspiring set of music, unlike anything most of us have heard.  Jim Hynes,,


BANDCAMP , CD Baby and the Downtown Music Gallery



Jason Kao Hwang - composer/violin
Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet/flugelhorn
Joseph Daley - tuba
Andrew Drury - drum set
Ken Filiano - string bass
Sun Li - pipa
Steve Swell - trombone
Wang Guowei - erhu


My thanks to Downbeat Magazine's 2018 International Critics poll for voting for me. I wish to share this recognition with all the musicians I have played with, especially in my bands.  We make music together!

Grateful that Sing House was named one of the Best CDs of 2017 by Downbeat Magazine.


Now available at BandCamp!

I'm grateful to Giovanni Russonello for his 4/28 review of Sing House in the New York Tim

On Sing House from the Best Jazz on Bandcamp:

The breadth of influences that composer Jason Kao Hwang is able to call upon, and his willingness to leave wide open spaces within compositions for improvising, strikes the perfect balance between meticulous planning and breathless spontaneity. His newest, Sing House, falls in line with past experiments. “No Such Thing” provides ample, immediate evidence of that push-and-pull, with its turbulent bursts of avant-garde dissonance suddenly settling into joyful expressions of the blues. “Dream Walk” is a panoramic view of a host of musical forms, never fully adopting a single one, always sounding on the verge of phasing into another altogether. “When What Could” takes the opposite approach, allowing jazz forms to manifest with a charged immediacy, while leaving the transitions between each expression a bit fuzzy. It’s this kind of daring that makes a Hwang album so thrilling—that sense of sharp intelligence and creative courage. On his newest, the violinist-violist is joined by drummer Andrew Drury, bassist Ken Filiano, pianist Chris Forbes, and trombonist Steve Swell.

I was violinist and co/composer with music director Jeff Song, and percussionists Yukio Tsuji and Josh Zieman of White Snake at Baltimore's Centerstage. It was a great run of 30 performances.

 I led a string ensemble for the Arts for Art Benefit this past fall.  We honored Billy Bang and Leroy Jenkins, playing their music.

Host Trudy Leong of WZRD/Chicago has been playing VOICE regularly for the past 6 months.  Big thanks to Trudy Leong and Kate Smith!  VOICE is comprised of two sets,  Lifelines and Words of Our Own.  Lifelines features Deanna Relyea (voice) and Piotr Michalowski (sopranino sax/bass clarinet) with my EDGE quartet: Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet/flugelhorn), Andrew Drury (drum set), Ken Filiano (string bass) and myself (composer/violin).  Words of Our Own features Tom Buckner (voice), Joe McPhee (tenor sax/pocket trumpet),  William Parker (string bass), Sang Won Park (kayagum/ajeng) and myself (composer/viola).  We perform the poetry of Lester Afflick, Patricia Spears Jones, Davida Singer, Fay Chiang, Steve Dalachinsky and Yuko Otomo. 

Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion,  a superb show produced by the NY Historical Society, had a great run in NYC this past spring. I was honored to have scored music for the concluding video exhibit.  The show is now part of the permanent exhibit at the Chinese Historical Society in San Francisco.

My sound design students at NYU Film created some great work this past semester!
Listen to Kevin Whitehead's review of Burning Bridge on National Public Radio's Fresh Air.  Listen

Previous events


patrick brennan transparency kestra

El Taller Latino Americano, 215 East 99th St, Manhattan

Brian Adler - drums patrick brennan - composition & saxophone Leonor Falcón - violin Brian Groder - trumpet Lloyd Haber - drums Colin Hinton - drums Jason Kao Hwang - violin Westbrook Johnson - trombone Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic - bass viol +TBA

6pm open rehearsal


CREATE Festival

Firehouse 12, 45 Crown Street, New Haven, CT 06510

Wadada Leo Smith The Crystal Sextet
Violas: Stephanie Griffin, Gwen Lester, Tanya Kalmanovitch , Jason Kao Hwang

Hardedge - electronics

Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet

Also Wadada Leo Smith solo trumpet and Golden Quintet

Jason Kao Hwang Trio

Howl Gallery, 6 East 1st Street, New York City

CELEBRATING WORDS: AN ANTHOLOGY published by a Gathering of Tribes

Jason Kao Hwang Trio Jason Kao Hwang - composer/violin/viola Hilliard Greene - string bass Michael T.A. Thompson - drum set

POETS: Patricia Spears Jones, Sheila Maldonado, Eileen Myles, Edwin Torres


Jason Kao Hwang

Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

William Parker's Healing Songs from the Tone World Patricia Nicholson – Dance Matthew Shipp – Piano Nate Wooley – Trumpet Ellen Christi – Voice William Parker – Percussion and Strings Lisa Sokolov – Voice Cooper Moore – Piano Jake Sokolov Gonzalez – Cello Jeff Schlanger – Aquasonic (waterphone) Anne Humanfeld – Aquasonic (waterphone) Leonid Galavanov – Aquasonic (waterphone) Jd Parran – Reeds and Percussion On Ka’a Davis – Concert Guitar Morley – Voice Jason Kao Hwang – Violin AnnMarie Sandy – Voice Daniel Carter – Alto, Tenor, and Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet Eri Yamamoto – Piano Tanya Kalmanovitch – Viola Jean Cook – Violin Biil Cole – Digeridoo


Patrick Brennan Transparency Kestra

El Taller Latino Americano, 215 East 99th Street, New York City

Eli Asher - trumpet & slide trumpet, patrick brennan, saxophone & composition, Haruna Fukazawa - flutes & piccolo, Stephanie Griffin - viola, Brian Groder - trumpet, Lloyd Haber - percussion, Jerome Harris - bass guitar, Jason Kao Hwang - violin, Adam Lane - bass viol, David Sidman - guitar, Justin Wood - flute


Jason Kao Hwang - Arts for Art Fundraiser

LOWLINE Lab, 140 Essex St., New York City

Reception followed by concert $100 Friends $50 Artists

Performing music by Billy Bang and Leroy Jenkins

Jason Kao Hwang: Conductor, Arranger, Violin

Violins: Sarah Bernstein, Skye Steele, Rosi Herlein, Helen Yee, Leonor Falcon, Ben Sutin, Fredrika Krier, Aimee Niemann

Viola: Melanie Dyer, Joanna Mattrey

Cello: Dan Levin

Bass: Todd Nicholson, Hill Greene, Ken Filiano

Drums Andrew Drury


Edgefest presents Jason Kao Hwang/Burning Bridge

Kerrytown Concert House, 415 N. 4th Ave., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jason Kao Hwang/Burning Bridge

World Premiere: blood

Jason Kao Hwang - composer/violin Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet Joe Daley - tuba Andrew Drury - drum set Ken Filiano - string bass Sun Li - pipa Wang Guowei - erhu Reut Regev - trombone

blood meditates upon the emotional traumas of war retained within the body as unspoken vibrations that reverberate throughout communities and across generations. Through blood the violence of deeply held memories are not relived but transposed into our sound and liberated into song. blood in our sound rises within our voice to protest and defy humanity’s constant state of war. blood regenerates to entrain an infinite spectrum of waves into wholeness and strength.

One evening, while driving down an unlit highway, my headlights flashed upon the bleeding carcass of a deer. My heart rate thundered and air abandoned my lungs with explosive force as I swerved away, narrowly avoiding a collision. This experience made me reflect upon my mother’s harrowing experiences in World War II in China. She was in a pharmacy that was bombed by the Japanese. Knocked unconscious, she awoke as the lone survivor surrounded by the dead. I also thought about the musicians who fought in Viet Nam, like Billy Bang and Butch Morris. The magnitude of shock and sorrow that they endured is unimaginable.

Extreme danger triggers a “fight or flight” response, powerful, diametrically opposed forces. This intense conflict can produce an immobility response, which can penetrate and remain within the body as emotional trauma. Similarly, when a bomb explodes, there is blast wave outward that leaves a near vacuum in its wake, which is filled by an equally deadly blast wind in the opposite direction. Within an explosion, blood was created.