Novoye Russkoye
January 26-27, 2008

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Sometimes Torn's sonic manipulations don't cross the boundaries of the usual techno, quickly becoming tiring with their predictability. But there are brilliant moments in the album, where Torn departs from the free form, entertaining the listener in an inventive improvisation. 

In the list of American jazzmen finally appeared a musician of Chinese origin—Jason Hwang. His debut album Stories Before Within. Hwang—a violinist—is a fresh stream in Jazz. The sounds of his violin reminded me of Dr. Watson's complains about the practicing sessions of Sherlock Holmes, whose violin didn't leave uninvolved a single dog in the neighborhood. But chaos, sorry, free jazz of Hwang isn't chaotic, it develops according to its own inner logic, it has composition. The album has a great advantage—it is brilliantly recorded. Lasting sound of the cymbals, coarse trumpet, vibration of the bass' strings and even wood are reflected with an amazing precision. It can pull in a real audiophile. 

Both albums have a completely unexplainable effect on me: hypnotized by the stream of sounds, I fall asleep like a baby. 
- Nuvoye Russkoye