Jason Kao Hwang/Burning Bridge
Reviewe by Shiegyo for jazzpage.net

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 (translation from Japanese)
Jason Hwang is violinist who has played with many top musicians like Reggie Workman and Anthony Braxton.  It is a promising rookie who became No. 1 in the department of violin (Rising Star) rookie sector of Downbeat Magazine's Critics poll in 2012.  With tuba and trombone, this work is organized in a unique 3+3 strings of the pipa and erhu added to China as guest of Jason's regular group EDGE (violin, cornet, bass, drums) to I let me hear the sound is fantastic and bewitching.  And jazz, classical and contemporary music playing music is rich in creativity that are a mix of traditional Chinese music.  It is going around the delicate interplay of free improvisation, long playing time of one song is 10-20 minutes.  To those who got tired of jazz and classical music ever recommended.

- JazzPage, Shigeyo - November 10, 2012